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Do we need the label ‘over active pensioner’?

by on March 26, 2015

Are you Britain’s most Over Active Pensioner? 

This is a new ‘competition’ launched by network rail and open to those over 60 who are ‘living life to the full’ while presumably travelling around on ‘senior railcards’.  The website shows a picture of two hula-hoopers  and suggests that being ‘overactive’ might involve ‘crazy adventures’ such as jumping out of a plane (I think they mean with a parachute) or going surfing every weekend (whether this is surfing waves or the web is unclear).

I have a number of problems with this competition:

1) There is no rationale for this provided. Why does network rail want to find out about how the over-60’s spend their time?

2) Is the term ‘over active’ really helpful?  It is used so that the abbreviation OAP can be wittily reimagined but I am not sure what that says about the over-60s?  What about the ‘usually active’? or just the ‘active’?

3) What about the over 60s who are still working?  I realise they may well also have time for surfing etc. but why are network rail only interested in leisure activities?

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