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Could (and should) we cure ageing? Silicon Valley is on the case

by on February 16, 2015

I was interested to read that there is a prize being offered for those who can cure ageing.  The $1 million Palo Alto Prize claims that “it is time to embark on another historic mission: hack the code of life and cure aging” albeit in what is termed in a “reference mammal” (not us then I assume).

The Telegraph today reported on the prize highlighting that it is one of many involved in the ‘race’ (others include google).  While the main focus of discussions is on disease reduction and healthy ageing, much is inferred about the ability to increase activity and by extension working lives.   Commenters on the Telegraph site offer mixed reviews about whether such research is ethical or desirable.  Some optimists however suggest that we might rethink the notion of retirement such that it becomes a longer more active period than the preceding work years!

We shall keep an eye out for those prize winners and their reference mammals.

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