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Advice for employers and older jobseekers: launch of TAEN Guide

by on January 28, 2015

Advice for older jobseekers has been a recurring theme in our alerts and a topic we have covered many times in this blog.

The finger of blame for why (some) older workers find it hard to get new jobs has been pointed variously at recruitment agencies, employer organizations, HR departments and at older workers themselves.

In this article on the Recruiter website, it is argued that recruitment firms need to educate employers in understanding that older workers are not necessarily overqualified for jobs. Describing someone as ‘overqualified’ has been seen as shorthand for ‘too old’. There are two aspects to addressing this. One is changing the attitude of employers who might say: ‘this person has held a management position. They are now applying for a position that doesn’t require a management function so we’re not going to hire them’. The second is making employers realise that older workers, once hired, should still be offered training and development.

Staying with this topic, TAEN are launching a Guide for Older Jobseekers on 25 February. The guide is based on material produced for 50+ Works, an online guide for employment advisers supporting 50+ jobseekers. More details of the launch event are available here.

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