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What will the future bring for age at work? Age diversity or discrimination

by on January 13, 2015

The New Year is a time for predictions and we have picked up this piece in the US National Law Review that looks ahead to what the workforce of the future may look like. The author predicts that Human Resource departments will become Human Capital departments and says:

“Our workforce is continually growing more and more diverse, and that is unlikely to abate anytime soon. Cultural diversity, gender diversity, and age diversity will be an even greater hallmark of the future workplace. We are living to 100, people! Retirement at age 65 will be a thing of the past. HR will be at the forefront of helping manage the talents and contributions to be made by a pool of diverse individuals.”

This makes longer working lives sound very positive though we know that this would not be universally welcomed or indeed possible for all. So to bring us down to earth, we also highlight this article on the CNBC website entitled ‘Boomer Bust: too old to work, too young to retire. As the heading suggests, this outlines the problem facing older workers (in North America, but probably similar experiences are had more widely) who find it impossible or very difficult to get a job after having been made redundant.

So which outcome is more likely? Will it vary between sectors and types of jobs? Between countries or regions within a single country? Between genders?

Well, I guess we can look back at these questions this time next year and see what happened – always easier than making predictions….

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