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Age discrimination in the NFL

by on January 7, 2015

The US press is full of the story that the American Football side the San Francisco 49ers have been accused of being less tolerant of age diversity than their name would suggest.  Reported on the fan side ‘Niners Nation‘, this link also includes a copy of the lawsuit.  This alleges that two employees in their fifties were fired in 2011; as the article goes on to summarise: “The complaint alleges Jed York indicated he wanted to bring in younger tech workers as he looked to turn the 49ers into the startup company of the NFL. It alleges he said he wanted such young tech workers because they “made a lot of money, they did a lot of cool things before they were 40 years old, and they don’t want to go play golf six days a week.” There was a mention of former team president Gideon Yu referring to older workers as “legacy” employees, which is viewed by some as a discriminatory term for older employees in Silicon Valley“.

This offers an interesting insight into the way in which perceived values of age – here youth – is working across different sectors and industries as organisations seek to gain competitive advantage by copying successful companies.

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