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Job Centre’s to get ‘older worker champions’ to help with digital skills

by on January 6, 2015

In a development of what is described as a ‘natural conservative instinct’ on the Conservative Home website, the Government has announced that UK Job Centres will become the home to a new ‘older worker champion’ to support those job seekers aged 50 and over.  This is in addition to the recent appointment of Dr Ros Altmann as the Government’s ‘Business Champion for Older Workers’.

So what is it that these new ‘champions’ will do?  The Mirror reports that they will provide “specialised advice at Jobcentres on using computers for preparing CVs and applying for jobs”.  To me this rather frustratingly perpetuates the stereotype that these ‘older’ workers are not computer literate and that it is simply a lack of digital skills that is preventing them from getting a job.  Surely ALL those who are unemployed should get advice on ‘using computers’ if they need it – whether they are 19 or 90?  Perhaps I’m wrong however and that this time next year on the day after my fiftieth birthday I shall discover I have completely lost the ability to use a computer.


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