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Avoiding age discrimination at Christmas parties – and we’ll be back in the New Year

by on December 19, 2014

Well, we haven’t succeeded in sticking to good news stories this week but we are ending with a tale of what the Daily Mail likes to call ‘political correctness gone mad’ which may raise a smile.

The Mail here reports on guidelines that Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust sent to its staff to “make sure their Christmas party is politically-correct”. Describing them as ‘bizarre’, the paper describes how the recommendations include the warning that enjoying a few Christmas drinks could be deemed to be discriminatory because people under 18 would not be able to join in. ‘If the venue is on licensed premises, there is the potential for age discrimination. Think about how this difficulty could be overcome.’

The same story was reported here in the Telegraph under the caption ‘NHS Christmas party rules: avoid pubs, cater for all religions and hire an interpreter‘ with the overview that these seemed to represent a ‘severe’ approach to seasonal celebrations.

The Mail also reports comments on the guidelines from the Chief Executive of the Taxpayers’ Alliance, who is said to have “blasted the document as a ‘total waste of money.'” Though what he seems to object to is not the content (“commonsense rules”) but rather the fact that someone felt it needed to be spelt out to staff.

So let’s focus on the start of the leaked memo which says “It is important to enjoy yourself”. Indeed! We wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas. We’ll be back in the New Year on Monday 5th January.


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