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“That word we don’t say”: Dame Judi Dench on the challenges for young and old actors

by on December 10, 2014

In this Interview in the Telegraph Dame Judi Dench discusses issues facing different ages of actors, commenting that “Sometimes I think I’m given an award for being that word [old] we don’t say.”  I wonder how she would feel about the inclusion of her age (Dame Judi Dench at 80) in the title of the article.  She goes on to say “When you start thinking you’re somebody, there’s a man with a bucket of ice cold water just around the corner who’s going to throw it at you and say, ‘meno-pausal dwarf!”‘  She goes on to challenge the assumptions about older age, capability and health.

At the same time, the interview focuses very much on her reflections of the challenges facing young actors looking for a break, commenting on the silence they are faced with in the seemingly never ending round of auditions and rejections.

The full article is well worth a read.

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