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@NancyPelosi challenges the press over relevance of her age

by on November 14, 2014

Widely reported in the US press is Nancy Pelosi’s reaction to press questions about whether she should step down from her role of leader of the senate, see coverage here in the huffington post or CBS news

With apologies to my son who is studying US politics at school at the moment, I have to say I had never heard of Nancy before.  But reading the comments below the CBS news I was quite shocked by the venom behind many of them, particularly those which suggested that she was not just old but also senile (and a variety of less repeatable words to that effect).

Now I can perfectly understand that people may not like her or her politics but it seems unlikely that if the comments had invoked any other aspect of diversity and linked it with mental capacity that a moderation would not have removed them immediately.  How come it is ok to be so insulting about her age?

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