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Did you miss ‘bring in your parents’ day?

by on November 13, 2014

This is the day in which “Businesses across the world are opening their doors for LinkedIn Bring in Your Parents Day. Parents of employees will get to see where their children work and what they do, and their children get a chance to say thank you for the countless ways they have been supported”.

According to the Daily Mail (in an article in their ‘science/tech’ section) “Deutsche Bank, Edelman, Logitech and Regus are among the companies” taking part.  Also covered on CNBC, who reported that research supporting the event summarised that one in three parents are unaware of what their adult children do at work.

I wonder what the reverse statistic is – how many adult children understand what their parents do at work?  Or in did what the figures are for other types of relationships –  I for one have never really understood what my partner does and I don’t think I’m alone.

So why the particular focus on parents here?  According to CNBC, “the event is also meant to open up conversations so that adult children learn from their parents” so this is about a two-way knowledge sharing more than the somewhat trite title of the event might suggest.  And unsurprisingly generational difference did feature in a lot of the news press , with a sometimes rather patronizing description of parents understanding of technology at work.

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