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Retirement ages across the world: Spotlight on Mexico

by on November 7, 2014

Everyone likes an infographic so here’s one reproduced in the latest National Geographic but taken from last years’s OECD report on retirement ages across the world, their inter-relationship with pension age and any gender differences.

From National Geographic

From National Geographic

One country stands out (this might partly be because I have family there) and that’s Mexico where the actual average retirement age for men is 73 and for women 68 (with pension age of 65). This is one of the highest retirement ages in the table, if not the highest.

The UK by contrast has retirement ages several years lower and (for men) below the pension age though for women, above.

And from a purely anecdotal perspective, I’d say the figures for Mexico are borne out by what you see when you travel there: many older men and women working across a wide range of occupations, some quite physically demanding like waiting at tables in restaurants, some intellectually demanding like academia. My other observation is that pensions in Mexico aren’t at all generous so for many this wouldn’t represent sufficient income to live comfortably. I’m guessing that this is a driver for many people in countries where this is the case and indeed this is the take-home message in the accompanying text of the piece in the National Geographic.

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