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Is it possible to not write a Halloween themed blog post today?

by on October 31, 2014

Apparently not!  Though I nearly opted for a summary of this story in Australia about the arguments claiming that older workers are effectively ‘retiring’ on unemployment benefits – certainly a controversial claim.

So how does the discussion of age feature in new stories across the (should that be spider’s) Web.  Please note some of these links feature language and descriptions that some readers might find offensive (please note our disclaimer on the front page of this blog regarding links provided).

Interestingly some charities concerned with older people’s welfare highlight that Halloween can be a really scary time, particularly if older residents are the target of persistent trick or treaters.  Rather depressingly, ‘WikiHow’ offers advice on ‘how to look like an elderly person for halloween’. while this cartoon suggests that the older generation are just out to spoil everyone’s fun (though other age groups come in for a similarly irreverent stereotyping).  Interestingly this student news article summarizes concerns about the pressure for younger people (particularly women ) to dress and behave a certain way during Halloween celebrations.  It suggests that some students might  hanker after a more ‘innocent age’ of trick or treating associated with childhood, perhaps as represented by this list of Halloween jokes from the under 8’s.  Indeed searching for ‘age limit on Halloween’ I found lots of debates on various forum about whether teenagers should be allowed to go trick or treating – with some US states having discussed introducing legislation to this effect.  More controversially this piece in the Daily Mirror few years ago suggested an age limit of 5!

So in a household with an age range of 50 -17 will we be celebrating Halloween – I’m afraid that’s a resounding no!  Its also a resounding no to future holiday themed blog posts!

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