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Changing views on later life – is it a different story for men and women?

by on October 14, 2014

Two stories caught my eye this morning.

Firstly the independent suggests that “isolation and loneliness await growing number of men” in retirement because of the lack of contact with family and friends.  Particularly focusing on men over 50 who lived alone the article suggests that organisations must do more to  help in retirement and identify opportunities to provide support which “could have the potential to keep older men socially connected in post-work life”.

The independent article also suggests a trend of men living longer and outliving their partners is starting to impact their experiences of later life.  This is interesting when set against the statistics reported in the Daily Mail and Telegraph today which both highlight ONS figures suggesting that “women are less likely to outlive men as workplace takes it toll” (in the Telegraph) and that the” stress of a career is harming women’s health” (Daily Mail).  These articles highlight that male health and life expectancy are improving with factors such as reduced smoking and improved health and safety at work cited as significant factors.  However as more women work for longer so the gaps between male and female life expectancy is falling (now an average of 3.8 years) though this is set against overall increases for both genders.

While there are many lifestyle issues at play here both stories feature a significant discussion about the impact of our working lives on later life.  To find out more you can read the full report of the ONS review of mortality statistics over the last 50 years on their website.


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