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Men make more complaints (in Western Australia)

by on September 30, 2014

Since the introduction of employment tribunal fees in the UK the majority of attention has been on the overall drop in claims .  For example: There were 79% fewer claims received (9,801) in October to December 2013 compared to the claims received (45,710) in October to December 2012 (Reported by Morgan Lewis) with the fall across the board for all types of claims.  Figures analysed by Morton Fraser show that age discrimination claims had the highest average settlement in 2013-14.

However what caught my eye today was the breakdown of claims over in Western Australia, reported in their regional news.  This suggests that in the last year there has been a switch between the claims made by men and women, with men now accounting for 53.1 per cent of them compared with 41.1 per cent the previous year.  The report suggests a number of possible reasons for this increase but notes a rise in age discrimination cases as particularly significant.

We will be searching for more comparisons across the globe over the coming months.



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