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Tory policy on new houses for the young (under 40s)

by on September 29, 2014

Not that long ago we reported on the appointment of a UK government advisor( a business champion) for ‘older workers’, asking the question: does the 50+ definition for older workers help or hinder?

Now the Tories have announced a policy in which “Up to 100,000 new homes are to be offered to first-time-buyers under the age of 40 at a discount of 20%”, here reported in the Guardian but picking up coverage throughout the UK press.  The Guardian ( and others) quote David Cameron as saying “We want to help more young people achieve the dream of home ownership so today I can pledge we will build 100,000 homes for young, first-time buyers. We will make these starter homes 20 per cent cheaper by exempting them from a raft of taxes and by using brownfield land.”

So if you are under 40 the Tories think you are young…..and if you are 50+ you are an older worker.   Since I fall in between these two categories I am feeling rather left out.  Does that make me part of the squeezed middle-aged?

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