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What do we think of the BBC series Boomers?

by on September 10, 2014

Can I just say that I have only watched the four episodes of this BBC series in my research capacity…

Readers of the blog will know that we are interested in media representations of all ages and generational identities are no exception. So would this BBC sitcom ‘following the ups and downs of three retired couples’ touch on any issues in relation to generations and work? I had some hopes that a story line might develop in this direction after the first episode when Nigel Planer’s character Mick was revealed to be in need of money contrary to initial impressions. But then this character disappeared. Subsequent episodes haven’t strayed far from the predictable territories of retirement, looking after parents, and new grandchildren.

But now it seems that Joyce may need to go back to work in the NHS – so maybe we will see some age at work related material! That said, I’m not particularly impressed by the script. Most of the time it sounds like the actors are delivering lines rather than characters talking to each other.

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