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Teach grandmothers to code suggests TechWire

by on September 5, 2014

Previously we have highlighted concerns about ageism in hi-tech industries which are reported to value youth as an indicator of technological capability and creativity (at which point I would link to these previous posts but spookily this page has crashed each time I have attempted to do that).  Hidden behind a somewhat embarrassing headline (Fighting aging work force: Why teaching grandmothers to code isn’t a crazy idea),  TechWire here reports an alternative perspective, suggesting that older workers are “the ones who are best equipped to solve the big problems and to create new industries” and highlighting the need to “get over the myth that older workers can’t innovate”.  Expanded within the article are 5 suggestions to which we have added our own Age at Work interpretation below:

1. Teach entrepreneurship to the old as we do to the young  Age at work says our view would be this essentially means to everyone – age is irrelevant here.

2. Fund the startups of the old.  Perhaps Age at Work would suggest removing age from the equation all together!
3. Don’t just incubate the young.
4. Hold hackathons for grandma. And all her friends and relations.
5. Drop-out-of-work scholarships. Or drop-into-hitech scholarships so that where you have come from is less important
The article concludes by saying “Regardless, it’s not necessary, and not especially useful, to choose between helping older and helping younger entrepreneurs. What is best for the economy is to have the old and the young working together to solve big problems” though sadly does end with a note that reinforces some stereotypes as to what each might bring to the table which we won’t repeat here as it spoils the happy ending!

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