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Gen Z workplace expectations “revealed”!

by on September 4, 2014

Last year we saw the first mentions of generation Z emerging in the news, and now a new survey claims to report representative ‘workplace expectations’ stating that “Findings reveal Gen Z is entrepreneurial, less motivated by money and more focused on face-to-face communication compared to Gen Y” 

Perhaps it is not surprising to discover that the origin of the survey is a company called “Millenial Branding” who are described as a Gen Y research and consulting firm.  Gen Y are described as those aged between 21 and 32 while Gen Z are those between 16 and 20.  Not only does this make them one of the smallest generational cohorts ever but it also dispenses with the usual categorisation of cohorts by year of birth.  Despite claims about global coverage and sample size of the survey we suspect that it reveals very little about the emergence (or otherwise) of a ‘new’ Generation (z).  Sadly the press seem more impressed with HRonline reporting this as “the first definitive study” of generation z while the globe and mail suggests it gives insight into their “unique preferences“.

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