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Today is “International Youth Day”

by on August 12, 2014

In a useful overview, this article in the International Business Times outlines the history of International Youth Day which has been celebrated on August 12th since 1999.  The piece quotes UNESCO as saying the aim is to “draw attention to key issues concerning youth worldwide”, with the UNESCO website providing details of various thematic discussions with peace as a central concern.  Meanwhile, According to the UN, the main focus of International Youth Day 2014 is inclusion with a particular emphasis on issues of mental health (via the twitter hastag #mentalhealthmatters), although their webpage also provides links to a special report on migration.

The EU however is highlighting issues of work and unemployment on the 15-24 year olds across Europe, under the heading of Generation Z in numbers (some figures however are provided for 15-29 year olds).  Linked to yesterday’s post this also includes some interesting figures about the average age of leaving home which seems to range from about 19 in Sweden to over 32 in Croatia.  (Perhaps it is our household is up to 5 with returning off spring this summer that is making these figures seem particularly pertinent!)

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