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TAEN Symposium on Fuller Working Lives: upcoming seminars of interest

by on August 7, 2014

TAEN have two seminars next month which may be of general interest to readers of this blog and particular interest to researchers as there is an invitation to submit proposals for papers for presentation at the first.

The first is a seminar on Fuller Working Lives on 23 September 2014. More details available at this webpage.

The seminar will include contributions from John Macnicol (LSE) who will put the Fuller Working Lives policy within a historical overview of Government retirement policies in the UK; Chris Ball (TAEN) will provide an overview, commentary and initial summary of Fuller Working Lives ; and Lis Robinson (DWP) will present the Fuller Working Lives Policy and respond to discussion and questions.

Apparently there will also be a contribution from Ros Altmann, the Government’s Older Workers Business Champion.

The second seminar is the following day and focuses on research and experience of Mid Life Career Reviews. Speakers will present research from both UK and European perspectives and there will be an opportunity for discussion and comment.

More information is available via this link to the TAEN website.

I recall that several contributors raised the desirability of mid life career reviews at the debate on older women in the labour market at the House of Lords earlier this summer so it’s good to see the issue being looked at in more depth.

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