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How far would you change your CV to get a job?

by on June 13, 2014

I’m posing this question having read this article on the International Business Times website about older workers in the US changing their CVs in the hope that this will help them get jobs. Many are said to face the ‘double punch’ of encountering age discrimination (as they are over 50) and prejudice against the long-term unemployed (as they’ve been out of work for over 6 months).

What changes do these job seekers make (or what have they been advised to make) to their CVs?

  • Removing the dates that diplomas etc were acquired;
  • Truncating work history to remove earlier work experience;
  • Removing the start and end months from each period of past employment in order to reduce noticeable gaps between jobs;
  • Shifting the date of a major career accomplishment by a decade;
  • Taking off 20 years of experience

Obviously we’re not recommending this course of action but the article reports a range of views about the acceptability of such changes, whilst highlighting the need for a solution which addresses the root causes of the ‘double punch’.

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