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Mary’s Silver Service, episode 2

by on June 12, 2014

Week 2 of this Channel 4 programme about Mary Portas’ pop-up employment agency for the over 65s turned its attention to gardeners (and in less detail, to builders and a fitness instructor).

The main difference between the gardeners and last week’s recruits was that the former (with one exception) were amateurs not professionals. And it showed. Whereas the caterers in week one were shown to organise themselves around a team leader, the amateur gardeners were a less cohesive group, much disinclined to listen to the one person with some professional experience and some of them intent on proving themselves capable of sustained physical work. Indeed the ability to do this was a recurring theme in last night’s show.

But I suppose the overall rationale for the gardening theme might have been that people in retirement, or at other life stages or junctures such as redundancy, wonder whether they can earn money through something that has thus far only been a hobby.

One thing’s for sure, a class act is a class act whatever their age (I’m talking Salim).

Next week it’s builders, decorators and designers.

More on the show via this link to the Channel 4 website.

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