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“Sun photographer sues Murdoch for £500,000 over ‘ageism’”

by on May 23, 2014

The Independent reports that the Sun is being sued for alleged age discrimination by “Dave Hogan, 53, one of Britain’s best-known celebrity photographers”.  This story is picked up around the internet – though not, unsurprisingly, as far as we could see in any of the News UK sites or titles or in their press releases.  Reporting generally emphasises the issues for News UK and the Sun given the ongoing debates about management of news particularly in respect to phone hacking scandals (in addition to general press coverage in the UK see also “hacked off” campaign website and the official Leveson Inquiry website)

The particulars of this ageism case are also interesting in relation to the forms of employment contracts used in many press organizations, here the photographer appears to have been on a retainer.  However beyond the specifics of the case, others are clearly hoping for some juicy gossip.  As the Independent say “The hearing has great potential to embarrass the company, given Hogan’s intimate knowledge of The Sun, where he began working in 1981 at the age of 21”.


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