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‘Dumped for a younger model?’: Alan Titchmarsh and the Chelsea Flower Show

by on May 15, 2014

With less than a week to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, yesterday’s newspapers were full of the story that Alan Titchmarsh might have been ‘dumped for a younger model’ (as reported here in The Independent).  He is said to be “not bitter” about being replaced by Monty Don, after 30 years as the BBC’s lead presenter of its coverage of the Show. He has also turned down a supporting role that the BBC offered.

What gives the story added twist is that Titchmarsh caused some controversy last year after making remarks about older female presenters, including Miriam O’Reilly, “whingeing” about ageism. Explaining his comments, he said: “If you’re going to make noises about not being employed, you have to be absolutely sure it is down to ageism rather than the fact that you’re not very good.”

As ever, reader comments on the media articles are good fun to read. I particularly liked the following reader observation on The Guardian’s coverage: ‘Considering he’s not bitter he doesn’t half bang on about the fact of it in the interview’!

And it’s possibly worth noting that there isn’t a huge difference in age between Titchmarsh and Don, only 7 years. But perhaps there is a significant difference in their appeal, approach and the audience they reach.

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