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Returning home after working overseas – and encountering age discrimination?

by on May 2, 2014

In the Philippines, a bill to ban age discrimination in the workplace has been pending in the Senate since last year. We’ve blogged before on this labour market. There’s now a petition calling on Congress to pass this measure into law.

One of the reasons for the additional pressure is that OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) are experiencing age discrimination when they try to rejoin the mainstream workforce after being away working overseas, according to this item on the InterAksyon website. This is the online news portal of TV5, a broadcasting network based in Quezon City, Philippines.

Former Labor Undersecretary Susan Ople is quoted as saying: “Regardless of their exposure to new and better technology or having a work ethic honed by the competitive environment overseas, many of these workers are discriminated against for not meeting the age-specific requirements of hiring companies.” Interestingly, it seems that the economic burden of providing for the entire family in the Philippines has shifted to young workers because of an extreme bias in the private sector against hiring job applicants who are aged 30 and above.

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