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“The 60-somethings who look half their age from behind” is unbelieveably today’s headline piece @MailOnline

by on April 3, 2014

Some mornings I have to look quite extensively to find a news story or report to feature on our age at work blog and other mornings it just jumps out and hits you in the face.  This morning was one of those mornings with the Daily Mail’s headline “The 60-somethings who look half their age from behind… and they’re ready to reveal how they’ve maintained a youthful rear view”

Perhaps it is because I spent a couple of hours yesterday shopping with my 19 year old for an outfit to wear to my forthcoming wedding and heard her concerns about her figure and appearance in any number of flattering outfits.  Or maybe its concern about my own figure being under scrutiny in the big day (though only have six guests does limit that possibility) but this article certainly hit a raw nerve!

While there is some focus on the benefit of exercise and healthy diet generally the article is dominated by a discussion of how these women look and specifically how young they look relative to their chronological age.  One of the sub-stories is even headed “men still whistle when I walk past” as though this was a particular achievement for any woman – never mind her age.  A quick glance through the comments reveals that the main debate – unsurprisingly given the headline – is whether these women do in fact look ‘half their age’.   All in all a very depressing read for women whatever their age as they prepare to be judged on appearance throughout their lifetime.


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  1. I am left wondering whether there is a saturation point with our/the media’s obsession with appearance from every which angle and every which age range. SURELY other things must eventually reveal themselves to be simply more interesting?!

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