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“Unpaid interns are this generation’s slaves” via Toronto Star

by on April 1, 2014

This article particularly focuses on the issues of interns in journalism reviewing the status of various arrangement in the Canadian Press.  It highlights the issues of unpaid and low paid internships which is seen as a particular issue for younger people seeking work.  It concludes by saying “I also believe, unfashionably, that older people have a duty to the young, to invite them in and help them. My view is selfish. I have children, I have skin in this game. Journalism will fade without the digital intelligence, wit and energy of the young. We parents paid for that generation’s education. Their labour shouldn’t come for free”

Perhaps there are some issues here with the attribution of specific skills to particular age groups, but it is certainly an interesting observation about familial generational responsibility  (as opposed to cohort generational relationships which are so often confused in the press).


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