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2014 Budget: what are the age implications? A review of the news

by on March 20, 2014

Changes to the pension system were the hot topic of discussion in the wake of yesterday’s budget.  Here the Daily Telegraph review the implications for how savers will now access their funds.  They suggest that those with private pension funds are the real winners in this budget.

The BBC outlines here the announcements of Pensioner’s bonds for the over-65s with a maximum savings limit of £10,000 and available from 2015.

The BBC also observed “It may be a bit of a stereotype to suggest that many pensioners enjoy a game of bingo. Still, the chancellor, while rising the duty on fixed-odds betting
machines, will halve the duty on bingo from 20% to 10%.”

The Guardian reviewed the impact for manufacturing industry in the UK and linked this to the implications for young apprentices.  Elsewhere, reported on the increased funding for the AGE (Apprenticeship Grants for Employers) scheme.  Otherwise there seemed little that was specifically aimed at younger workers.

Accountancy Age are amongst those providing a review of the key points.

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