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Age(ing) as work: the career opportunities of an ageing population

by on March 14, 2014

A slightly different take on ‘age at work’ today, following this article in The Guardian looking at the career opportunities of an ageing population.

It highlights the ‘image problem’ of selling the idea of working with older people. As Dr Terry Quinn, lecturer in geriatric medicine at the University of Glasgow is quoted as saying: “care of older adults hasn’t been seen as exciting or sexy”.

As well as the more obvious careers in social care and geriatric medicine, the article mentions the business implications of population ageing, such as seeing the “grey market” as an exciting area for growth and innovation in the design industry, from buildings to coffee shops and from fashion to the delivery of services.

The take-home message – that working in this area can change perceptions of what it is to be old – is neatly summarised by Athina Vlachantoni, senior lecturer in gerontology at the University of Southampton, “By educating more people about the process of ageing and the issues faced by older people you are making the topic of older people much more prevalent in society.”

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