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Canadian press highlighting the issues of youth underemployment

by on February 18, 2014

In this response to the recent Canadian budget, the Calgary Herald reviews the funding provided to aid problems with Youth Unemployment: “$40 million for the creation of new internships in “high-demand” fields such as science, technology and mathematics; $15 million reallocated for a further 1,000 internships with small- and medium-sized businesses; and the creation of a $100-million student loan program for apprenticeships.”

However the piece suggests that some of the real problems are not being addressed – specifically under-employment.  In part they suggest that this is because of a dearth of data, while statistics on unemployment regularly make headlines and cannot therefore be ignored by politicians.  The article states that  “A number of recent studies [including this one by TD economics] cite precarious work situations, including part-time work, contracts and yes, internships, as a difficult to quantify but real phenomenon facing younger workers. And I’d hasten to add it’s a problem extending well beyond the 15 to 24 age bracket”.  We too have noticed that the age brackets used in unemployment reporting are causing a specific focus of attention on those categories whilst individuals of all ages are facing similar problems, the advice and help offered tends to be age specific.

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