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Which country pays strip clubs to hire younger workers?

by on February 17, 2014

The New York Post gleefully poses the above question:  Which country pays strip clubs to hire younger workers?, picking up the story that originally appears in the Sunday Times from News.Com.Au in Australia.  Just goes to show how good gossip about your friends and neighbours travels far and fast!  I was particularly intrigued by the NYP ‘key words’ to pull the article up in searches were: strippers, strip club and united kingdom – with no mention of the broader debate regarding younger workers.

The Sunday Times states: “As part of a wider scheme to boost employment, the Department for Work and Pensions gives £2,275 to adult establishments that provide full-time jobs, such as receptionist or bartending posts, to those aged 18 to 24. The payments are available as long as employees are neither “performers” nor doing jobs with a “sexual purpose”. Payments of £1,137 are available to adult businesses that hire young people part-time.”

Labour MP Fiona Mactaggart, has apparently started a protest calling these “entry-level jobs into a world of gross exploitation and violence”, noting that parents would be unlikely to approve of these roles.

This news item of course poses a number of interesting questions, both about the stigmatised nature of this work, issues of agency in respect to the 18-24 yr olds looking for work and the idea that employing ‘older’ (here passed the grand age of 24) workers in these roles would be absolutely no problem.

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