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Update on police age discrimination case

by on February 6, 2014

This case has been ongoing for a while, with last year a ruling in favour of the A19 rule which required police officers to retire after 30 years pensionable service.  But the latest ruling has found in favour of the officers concerned.  

As reported on the BBC: “The London Central Employment Tribunal made the ruling on behalf of 250 officers
who were made to retire under A19, which said those below chief officer rank could be required to retire after 30 years “in the general interests of efficiency”.”  The general case made by the police force seems to be that this enforced retirement was necessary as they are operating under increasing financial constraints – though with 250 officers represented in this action, the cost of a pay out is not going to be insignificant.  The police forces concerned – Nottinghamshire, West Midlands, Devon and Cornwall, North Wales and South Wales – have 42 days to appeal so this probably has someway to run yet.


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