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Nationwide Building Society survey on older workers

by on February 5, 2014

I was unable to track this down on the Nationwide’s own website: the closest I came was a piece about a survey on retirement wish lists (topped by seeing the Northern Lights in case you wondered).

However, The Digital Journal reports that a recent Nationwide survey has examined concerns about retirement and perceptions of older workers.  Unfortunately there is very little detail on the nature of the sample or the questions asked.  So, for example, it is reported that “more than two thirds of all UK adults (68%) think having a person in a team at work aged over 60 has, or would have, a positive impact”.  However I suspect this was 68% of those who responded to the survey (sample of 2170 which it is claimed ‘representative of the UK population’).  And of course the question is of course rather vague: Positive impact on what?  I strongly suspect that similar results would have arisen whatever age group was positioned within the question – not least because of social desirability bias.  (You may have gathered that we are getting a bit fed up of this type of questionnaire and its reporting!)

Perhaps more interesting is the reported case study on Nationwide’s own approach to older workers, though this does seem to be designed particularly to promote the Nationwide as a diverse organization, rather than a detailed review of the impact of their policies.

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