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Trouble in Texas: Austin Police Department faces another major age discrimination case

by on January 20, 2014

Reported in the US press (here, on KXAN the local CBS outlet), 14 offices from the local serious crime unit are seeking legal advice for an age discrimination case having been moved out of their roles to other positions within the force.  This is not the first time these issues have been raised as the can be seen in this legal report and another case a few years ago as reported in the article above.

What seems to complicate the issue here is the apparent need to rotate officers through these roles, as reported in the article, both for their own health and as recommendation by anti-corruption processes.  Though in this case there does not appear to be any suggestions that these officers were at risk with respect to either of these issues.  What this does highlight is that the need to move staff around in certain organisations can become more sensitive if age issues are implicated, and that more effective ways of managing such staffing needs to be in place such that the legal process is not repeatedly brought into play to resolve the issues.

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