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Unpacking the ‘lost generation’: Is it a lack of skills?

by on January 17, 2014

We’ve blogged many times about references in the media to a ‘lost generation’ of unemployed young people, not just in the UK but pretty much as a global phenomenon.

In this item on the tes connect website, attention is drawn to a new report by management consultants McKinsey. They surveyed young people, education providers and employers across eight EU countries, including the UK, and reportedly found a severe skills mismatch.

A copy of the McKinsey report (‘Education to Employment: Getting Europe’s Youth into Work‘) can be downloaded from here.

The headline findings from the report are:
– Despite more people looking for work, employers in Europe cannot find the skills they need;
– European youth face obstacles at every stage of the ‘education to employment’ (‘E2E’) journey;
– E2E systems fail particularly for young people and small businesses;
– There are proven ways to improve the E2E journey such as innovatation with design, course delivery, and financing to make education more affordable and accessible.

The last point could presumably assist those of any age who are out of work and lack skills.

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