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Kate Moss turns 40 – and becomes an ‘older worker’

by on January 16, 2014

Funny how birthdays with zeros at the end seem to have a symbolic quality. For those in the public eye, particularly those whose appearance is central to their work and how they make their living, these birthdays certainly provide an opportunity for media scrutiny.

Today supermodel Kate Moss turns 40, an age which has traditionally indicated the onset of ‘older worker’ identity in many academic and practitioner publications.

Numerous features this week mark this event. From Hello Magazine’s ’40 interesting facts about Kate Moss’ to The Guardian’s profile of a model ‘still turning heads after 25 years’ to The Telegraph’s more cerebral offering from design critic Stephen Bayley.

‘Design critic’ – yes, I was surprised to see this attribution to the author of such an article. Perhaps reassuringly Bayley ends with the following conclusion: ‘She has used her body to create a world of legend and romance that affects us all. That’s not design, that’s art. So far as I am concerned, we want to see more of the middle-aged Moss‘.

So it will be interesting to see whether the world of modelling also wants the ‘middle-aged Moss’. I wonder if images of her will be used in the media to illustrate the ‘older worker’….

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