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Age divisions playing out in dispute at Boeing

by on January 7, 2014

Reuters here provide an interesting review of an on-going dispute at Boeing in the US in which two groups of workers with different age profiles:

“Younger machinists have voiced strong concern that failing to vote for the contract would cost them their jobs as Boeing moves the work elsewhere…..Many older workers, however, have said the pension is sacred and is worth risking job loss.”

According to the article, this dispute has prompted some heated confrontations:

“For the machinists, the age dispute erupted at a rally last month.  “Retire and go away!” a young woman shouted at an older worker, saying her family had worked at the company for three generations. A sign attached to her child’s stroller said: “This vote affects the smallest IAM members, too!” The older, gray-haired worker shouted back: “Why do you want to sell your pension out?”

The unions are voting on the deal on Friday so it will be interesting to follow the repercussions whatever the outcome.

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