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Age at Work in Denmark

by on November 27, 2013

With the recent return of Danish hit political drama Borgen to UK television screens, we bring you this item from The Copenhagen Post on the subject of age discrimination in the Danish labour market.

The Copenhagen Post is an English language print and online news service in Denmark. Here it reports on a YouGov poll commissioned by Ældre Sagen, a senior citizens’ lobby group.

According to the survey, more than a quarter of Danish people over 60 who retire do so unwillingly. Some felt that the opportunities for older workers are so limited that people feel compelled to simply withdraw from the labour market. Only one third said they stopped working due to health reasons.

This is against a background in which the Danish government continues to say that everyone should count on working longer, but this doesn’t seem to be happening: only 12% of those aged 65 to 70 are working and 26% say they are interested in finding a job but had stopped looking.

“The figures could indicate that we still think that people should retire at 65, regardless of whether they can keep working or not,” Mona Larsen, the head of SFI, a social welfare research institute, is reported as saying.

So it seems that the UK and Denmark may have more in common than an interest in the workings of coalition government.

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