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Former Fire chief claims age discrimination

by on November 25, 2013

As reported in the Daily Record, David Dalziel, aged 62 and a former fire chief, is suing the fire brigade for alleged age discrimination after missing out on the top job at Scotland’s new single fire service (formed from a merger of 8 previously separate services). He is also claiming constructive dismissal on the basis that he was forced to resign having been overlooked for other key roles within the fire service because of his age.

The hearing is due to start before a tribunal in Aberdeen next month and is expected to last five days.

Of course, fire fighters in England have been in the news recently – this relates to the ongoing dispute about the Government plan to raise their retirement age from 55 to 60 at which point firefighters would have to pass a fitness test.

It’s an interesting age at work example, bucking the trend of other occupations where workers are trying to increase their retirement age.

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