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Youth Unemployment: Europe discusses the options

by on November 11, 2013

Last week a Citizens’ Agora on Youth Unemployment was hosted in Brussels. I’d never heard of a Citizens’ Agora so I had a quick look on the European Parliament website to find out more. In this case, it involves two young people from each Member State of the European Union, aged between 18 and 30, one of whom is employed and one unemployed. The format is that they debate with participants from the other Member States, with the assistance of experts, on a number of specific topics related to youth unemployment.

Amongst the recommendations that came out of this Agora are:

– the idea of a “youth charter” that would set out common principles on internships and volunteering;
– the introduction of measures to foster entrepreneurship at an early stage as a means of creating jobs;
– establishing the means to enable young people to manage a small part of the EU Youth Employment Initiative programme; and
– to understand the importance of the Internet and social media in disseminating information.

According the this press release from the European Parliament these conclusions could form the basis of input for the conference of heads of state on youth unemployment which is due to start tomorrow (12 November) in Paris.

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