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Young more likely to cite stress as a reason for absence

by on November 7, 2013

Our friends at the Digital Brain Switch Project (DBS) reminded us that yesterday was National Stress Awareness Day.   The Telegraph highlighted a  report by Friends Life (based on an analysis of secondary data from the Office of National Statistic’s Labour Force Survey) suggesting that this is costing employers over £460m in wasted wages per day.

Both the Telegraph and Friends Life highlighted the figures for the reporting of stress as a reason for absence by those aged 16-24 category, it is suggested 24% in this category will have called in sick due to stress.  The wording used by the Telegraph seems somewhat judgemental here, saying this group are more likely to be  “citing stress as the reason for retreating back under the duvet in the morning”.

Interestingly neither the Telegraph nor the Friends Life website provide any more breakdown for other age categories although there is some mention of gender differences as to the reason for stress (work vs. money).

Thanks to DBS, we can also share the link to the BBC’s ‘How stressed are you’ test, though we would of course highlight that this is not to be taken too seriously and you should of course seek the appropriate professional guidance for diagnosis and advice of any stress-related symptoms.

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