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10 ways to…. a light hearted review of expert advice for older workers

by on November 6, 2013

Actually I think this post should be titled “10 ways to avoid expert advice on the internet”.

Yet again we have encountered a guide, this time via Forbes, on “10 ways to avoid being branded as old at work“.  I did a quick Google search to see if there was an equivalent for “young”, but no.  I then tried middle aged and got slightly side tracked by the Huffington’s post list (11 ways this time) for Middle-aged women (particularly since it seemed to suggest I should spend more on clothes).

So anyway here are some selected items from the Forbes list:

“1. Ditch your AOL email account”

Apparently this shows your age – does anyone really read into what comes after the @ in an email address?  But Ageatwork is in luck since apparently gmail is the ‘in’ email account.   I find it really hard to work out how this got to number one on the list (but then I read the rest of the list).

“4. Bookmark Mashable. And read it regularly. Nothing makes you look older than when a group of coworkers is discussing Miley Cyrus’ latest foam finger debacle and you chime in with, “Who’s Miley Cyrus?””

I can’t really think of a reason why anyone should feel the need to read celebrity gossip just so they can discuss it at work!

“5. Don’t act like you know it all” 

This seems to be conflating age and experience – not to mention conflicting with number 4 which suggests you should at least know all about Miley Cyrus!

“7. Buy a scarf. Or a trendy handbag.

No?  Me neither!  According to the experts “scarves are ageless”.  Who knew.


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