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A generational definition that’s rough around the edges

by on November 4, 2013

While looking through our usual weekend scan of the internet I came across this announcement for an event in the US which suggests that for the Millennials ” much has been written about the generation that includes those born roughly between 1982 and 1995″ – so if you had a smooth trouble free arrival into the world, look elsewhere for your generational membership!

Its also notable that once again “Generation Z” gets a mention here (no rough arrival required) with the alternative name of Generation Edge or GenEdgers.   This latter tag seems to have come from the Marketing world, as brands look to identify (and identify with) the next wave of consumers.

Described in this marketing website Generation Edge (here from 1995) are described as being “forced to carve an identity out of a hyper-connected, media saturated, and at times frightening world, the result is a generation unlike any before”.   While acknowledging members of this group have yet to start work, this and other pieces by The Sound Research are already speculating about their ‘characteristics’ and ‘values’ and so another set of generational stereotypes are well on their way to being formed.

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