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Youth unemployment across Europe: take two perspectives and stir

by on October 23, 2013

Take one newspaper article and one academic commentary and stir in UK hip hop duo Rizzle Kicks  (sorry, unavoidable culinary hangover from last night’s Great British Bake Off final last night).

First the independent offers a review and personal stories under the heading “A PhD with your coffee”.  The article summarises the situation thus: “Dubbed the “lost generation”, it is not hard to come by the stories of the qualified and aspirational young people from countries such as Spain, Portugal and Greece who are struggling to find employment in the UK.  While their home countries are experiencing some of the worst effects of the economic crisis, many are realising that life as a migrant in the UK can be just as harsh and unfulfilling.

Second, this piece by Berenice Darnault considers whether the “EU labour market for young graduates really turning into a gridlock” and reviews the issues at the heart of EU policy making that are impacting the ability of initiatives on youth unemployment to make a difference.

The tag ‘lost generation’ seems to be sticking to discussions of these issues.  We also note that it is increasingly self-adopted, for example UK hip-hop duo Rizzle Kicks released a single in August 2013, titled Lost Generation, which includes the repeated phrase ‘I’m living in the lost generation’.  The impact of the (re)use this term to describe and self-label is an issue we will be watching over the coming months.

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