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Age, gender and politics: Upcoming events at Birkbeck

by on October 18, 2013

Two upcoming events on age, gender and politics at Birkbeck that might be of interest.

‘Older Women’, Policy and Politics: On 4th November at 6.30 pm there will be a Panel discussion and debate with Fiona Mactaggart MP, who is a member of The Labour Party’s Commission on Older Women. She will be joined by Dr Rosie Campbell, Professor Joni Lovenduski and Jackie Ashley of The Guardian, in a public discussion. This will explore the relative invisibility of older women (in contrast to older men), who are largely absent from the media, from public discourse and from policy initiatives.

And then at 1 pm on 18th November there is a seminar on Gender, Politics and the Lifecycle. This will look at how women’s political activity varies across the life cycle. Dr Rosie Campbell and Professor Joni Lovenduski (Birkbeck) will discuss the political attitudes and preferences of older women. Dr Emma Crewe (SOAS) will draw on her experience using ethnographic methods to study Parliament to reflect on how gender and other aspects of identity affect the experience of politicians. Dr Elizabeth Evans (Bristol) will use her research on contemporary feminism to reflect on the politics of younger women.

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