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Fabulous Fashionistas: life, work and being inspirational

by on September 19, 2013

Judging from my Twitter stream, text messages and inbox, I’d say a lot of people have now watched Channel 4’s documentary Fabulous Fashionistas. If you haven’t done so, it’s highly recommended (link here).

It’s described as a meeting with ‘six women with an average age of 80, who are determined to look fabulous, have fun and redefine old age’. What struck me was how each of them had embraced (sometimes unsought) change in their later lives, how they continued to enjoy life and seek new experiences and, perhaps above all, how central work was to each of them and their identities.

The section in which Bridget Sojourner sought feedback and advice from various modeling agencies was revealing – I don’t think the fashion industry came out very well at this point. I’m pretty sure one of the agents described fashion as ‘inspirational’ and used this to justify excluding older models. A great pity as this programme seemed to me to show just how inspirational older women can be.

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