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Our BAM paper and presentation – ‘Extending e-research: Engaging with the visual in Web 2.0 data’

by on September 16, 2013

Thanks again to all who came along to the session at which we presented in the Research Methodology SIG at BAM last week. As promised we have now posted a copy of our paper and our presentation on the Publications and Past Conference presentations page here on the blog. We would welcome further feedback from those working in visual methods, digital research and age/work research as well of course as anyone else interested in the portrayal of age/work in stock photography.

As ever at conferences, we didn’t manage to get to hear all the papers we’d have like to (many being scheduled at the same time in parallel sessions). But two age-related presentations that I did get to and thought were really interesting were:

Through the Lens of age: Situated Indentities online across different generations (by Niki Panteli and colleagues at the University of Bath);

Older Workers’ Learning: the role of identity in understanding late career learning (by Russell Warhurst and Kate Black at the University of Chester).

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