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Yet another consultancy survey on Generations

by on September 4, 2013

Back in July we posted news of a KPMG survey.  Obviously other consultancy’s feared they might have missed a trick and now EY has posted the results of it’s own survey. The survey participants were “1,200 cross-company professionals outside of the EY organization and across the US, including managers and non-managers in three select generations — Gen Y/millennials; Gen X; and baby boomers”.  So that’s ok then – well no.  Generations are not clearly defined, boundaries are disputed as are the notion of generations as indicators of difference.

At best this is another list of percentages alongside a few pretty bar charts.  At worst the questions seemed to have been particularly skewed towards existing stereotypes.  Moreover ‘characteristics’ and ‘skills’ are very oddly defined.  So ‘change management; is a skill – so is ‘managing in challenging times’.    ‘Diversity’ is also a ‘skill’ while ‘revenue generator’ and ‘tech savvy’ are characteristics.  Mind you the notions of characteristics and skills are not defined in any case.

EY claim they are quantifying the “generational shift” in management.  As we say, at best a list of percentages and some pretty bar charts.  Sadly, it is widely reported in the news media (here in the Daily Mail) as findings and facts from research.

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