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Older worker of the year contest – is it a good idea?

by on September 3, 2013

We have seen similar reports over the last couple of years of watching the press.  This one advertises a contest within the US state  of Missouri and is looking to find the ‘Outstanding Older worker’.  The sponsors suggest that this competition ” tribute to workers whose wisdom, punctuality and commitment to quality, set high standards in the work force”.  Nominees must be ‘at least’ 65.

I confess to particularly wondering why punctuality is in this list!  Is this seen as a particular area of role modelling for younger workers or is it assumed that it is more of a challenge for the over 65s?

A quick Google search did not reveal any other categories with similar ‘contests’ in the State.  So is it a good idea to single out those over 65 for an award?  Or does it really act to “unleash the power of age” as the organisers theme sets out?

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