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Blaming the Baby Boomers – and how they answer back

by on August 23, 2013

This article in The Guardian argues – and we’ve seen variations on this theme across a number of opinion pieces – that employers ‘don’t realise that older people make great employees’, bringing ‘benefits such as calm, experience, reliability and loyalty, and act as mentors to younger workers’. Potential reinforcement of age stereotypes, perhaps? Somehow so-called positive stereotypes often escape scrutiny.

I’m particularly interested, however, in the reader comments about the ‘blame the Baby Boomers’ discourse, picking up on the line in the article that refers to what happens when ‘the baby-boom generation drains the public purse in pension and healthcare costs…’. Here are a selection:

“My profoundest apologies. Had I the slightest inkling of what the future would be like I would have chosen a different year to be born in.”

“How dare [Baby Boomers] contribute over 30 years’ worth of tax and national insurance contributions and then expect something back for it.

“…there’s all this denigration about how we’ve ripped off the following generations. It all started during the last election and accelerated after the Tories stole it. We seem to be the new ‘single parents’ now that most people have seen through that one for what it is.”

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